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Pictures above © Mark Hawkins, 2017

Last October I've had the unique opportunity to participate in the Picademy training, a CPD workshop for teachers, which has been part of the PyConUK. Hence the huge supply of helping hands and support during our darkest coding hour.

The team consisting of James, Cat, Carrie Anne, Laura, Rik, and the imported Andrew is very enthusiastic about learning, teaching, failing and utterly supportive. They love what they are doing and it shows. Thank you very much for an engaging workshop respectively one of the best teacher training experiences I've ever had.

It's project based learning! (Cat Lamin)

The venue was nothing short of amazing. The setup was a treat and of course the company couldn't have been better: list on Twitter

From the customary blinking to the final project I've gone through all the stages of project based learning and making myself: brainstorming, challenges, creating, coding, failure, mechanical issues, cursing, creative problem solving, success, another fail, debugging, resetting,...
My partner in crime was the ingenious Fiona and we've created a monstrous device. Martin helped.

Big shoutout to the Picademy team, my fellow nerds and especially Fiona, who introduced me to bits and bobs, knackered, Blimey! and one of Birmingham's best canalside pubs.

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