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Memory of a creator

A few days ago I've recieved the devastating news of the passing of my good friend Chris. After a bicycle accident, which left him with a severe spinal cord injury,  he continued to fight for years, kept his wicked sense of humor and shared his experiences as a quadriplegic to help others. More importantly he still found positivity around him, appreciated life and kept on being a terrific artist. Even with reduced dexterity he remained a creator. All his life he has been a gifted creator of relationships, friendships, ideas, fun, experiences, digital art and comics. Until the end he's continued to do so.

Chris, I am so pleased to have met you on that ferry ride from Trelleborg to Rostock in 2003. Thanks a bunch once again for the speedy Beamer dash to Berlin. You and your family have adopted me over the Christmas holidays in 2005 and I very fondly think of ice skating in San Francisco, our trip to severeal museums, the Bubble Tea spitting challenge as well as all the other amusing, weird, educational and valuable moments we've shared. Let's not forget the comic drawing sessions, when you've introduced me to Egg & Beef.

Our friendship - although on hiatus for a few years - has been an awesome one! It meant a lot and I appreciated every meeting with you in Europe and the US.

Chris, you'll be terribly missed and very fondly remembered.

2005 in San Francisco
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